ARCHLine.XP is an innovative 3D CAD/BIM design software suitable for architectural and interior design projects, as well as for creating complete technical documentation. The work is made complete by photo-realistic visual designs, supplemented by animations if required.

When creating a design, floor plans, sections, elevations, views, plan sheets, and schedules are worked on simultaneously. BIM projects created with ARCHLine.XP are fully coordinated and do not require manual updates for synchronization, enabling a more efficient workflow.




Architectural benefits
The software allows the design, visualisation and documentation of residential or industrial buildings. High-quality architectural plans can be created using coordinated parametric architectural tools. The model can be shared with collaborators in industry-standard formats (DWG, IFC, PDF, FBX). With the flexible Wall command, single or multi-layered, even sloped walls can be easily drawn in both 2D and 3D. Editing stairs and railings is straightforward, based on rules that offer extensive design options. By modifying the slab profile, it is easy to create custom slab structures such as dome vaults or cross vaults. From a wide selection of roof shapes (e.g., gable, hip, mansard, curved, etc.), one can choose according to preference.

With the Plan Sheet, technical documentation can be quickly prepared, including floor plans, sections, wall and elevation views, detail drawings, and rendered images in various scales. Changes are automatically updated across all views, ensuring the safe preparation of approval, construction plans, and visualizations.


Interior design benefits
The software offers a wide range of design tools that follow the real design process, from creating accurate floor plans to generating realistic 3D renderings. ARCHLine.XP allows designers to experiment with different colors, textures, and lighting to provide clients with a realistic preview of the final result. The latest interior design tools are available, such as parametric cabinet design, tiling, lighting, lighting plans, suspended ceilings, decorative strips, and furniture assembler. Models downloaded from the 3D Warehouse can be directly opened in ARCHLine.XP and placed with a single click.

By using design phases, it's possible to present both the existing condition and the new construction plan simultaneously. Renovating buildings or planning more complex projects becomes significantly easier with the use of design phases.

ARCHLine.XP facilitates collaboration among interior designers, architects, contractors, and other professionals involved in the design process. It enables seamless sharing of design files, reduces communication gaps, and ensures a unified approach to the project. Additionally, it provides accurate measurements, material lists, and cost estimates, aiding in project management and budget planning.


Visual design
The render engine of ARCHLine.XP offers a simple and fast solution for creating photorealistic renders. It was developed to meet the needs of architectural and interior design projects. Advanced shading effects, such as ambient occlusion, shadows, and transparency, reveal fine details in the scenes. In terms of settings, the "Low (Q1), Medium (Q2) and Custom (Qx)" levels allow you to consciously create the best quality image in a few steps. Setting up the render is easy. Rendering is fast. You'll learn it in a day.

From there, it's just one click away to create animations: The model can be directly transferred to ARCHLine.XP LIVE visualisation software, easily transforming it into live, moving, high-quality interactive walkthroughs, videos, and images. Simulating people, plants, and water provides an experience as if you were guiding your clients through their future home, starting from the street, through the garden, past the pool, into the living room, all the way to the bathroom.


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