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Realism without the headaches.

Chaos® Corona is the only renderer created specifically for architectural visualization. Be an artist, not a technician, and achieve photorealism with greater ease than other rendering software.


Chaos Corona (previously known as Corona Renderer) is a CPU-based renderer for Autodesk 3ds Max and Maxon Cinema 4D.


Easy to use
Usability is Chaos Corona’s most powerful feature. Render setup is as simple as pressing “Render”. Most new users learn Corona in just one day — and fall in love with it in two.

We aim to keep Chaos Corona affordable and accessible to as many people as possible, without compromising on its development and features.

Part of an ecosystem
As a Corona user, you are backed by the award-winning Chaos family. Expand your capabilities with Chaos tools guaranteed to integrate smoothly with your favorite render engine.


What’s new in Corona 10
Easier workflow and greater creativity with control over channels affected by a Decal, cameras working inside volumes, improved DOF highlights, improved Caustics, fast and detailed Listers, and more.




Corona has been developed to meet the needs of architectural, automotive, and product visualizers. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the work of our users.




Features list

Rendering - Corona’s powerful CPU-only rendering delivers maximum realism with minimum effort from
the user. Corona adaptively uses processing power where it is needed the most to optimize speed without
compromising on quality

▪ CPU rendering, Resumable rendering, Denoising, Caustics

Lighting & illumination - Corona pioneered the most modern procedural Sky in any render engine, creating everything from dawn/dusk to full noon. A variety of other light types and support for many native 3ds Max and Cinema 4D lights give users all the options they need, while LightMix lets them adjust the color and intensity of lights before, during, and after rendering.

▪ Accurate lights, Global Illumination, Procedural sun and sky, Adaptive light sampling, LightMix

Cameras & optical effects - The Corona camera acts like a modern real-world camera and can be controlled through simple Exposure stops, through to full shutter speed, f-stop, and other controls. These are completed with advanced controls for camera effects such as Motion Blur and Bloom & Glare.

▪ Lens effects, Photorealistic camera, VR, Fisheye, Panoramic

Materials - The Corona Physical Material is built from the ground up to be physically realistic, while there is the option to use specialized shaders for skin, hair, and others. Many V-Ray materials can be rendered without conversion. Presets within the Physical Material and complete materials in the Corona Material Library, Chaos Cosmos, and Chaos Scans mean users never have to start from scratch.

▪ Physically based materials, Corona Hair material, Metalness, Displacement, Corona Converter, Corona
Material Library, Chaos Cosmos, Chaos Scans

Textures - Corona is compatible with almost all native 3ds Max and Cinema 4D shaders and has its own
memory-efficient Corona Bitmap shader for loading images. A collection of utility texture maps allow textures to be layered, mixed, color corrected, and more.

▪ Memory-efficient textures, Triplanar mapping, Rounded corners, UVW Randomizer

Geometry - Corona works with any native geometry, and also includes proxies, volume grids, scattering,
patterning, slicing, etc.

▪ Proxy geometry, Corona Slicer for render-time booleans, Hair and Fur, Scatters, Patterns

Atmospheric & volumetric effects - Users can choose between simple and fast-rendering volume effect in the Corona Sky to simulate atmospheric haze or the full control of a volumetric material for more complex results.

▪ Volume rendering, Aerial Perspective, Crepuscular rays, fog, mist

Render Elements - For adjusting images in video or image editing software, Corona offers many Render
Elements (3ds Max) and Multipasses (Cinema 4D), including Virtual Beauty, matte passes, separation of scene illumination, depth information, and more.

▪ Render Elements, Cryptomatte, Normals, Depth, Direct, Indirect

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