SketchPlus for SketchUp

SketchPlus for SketchUp

Add the Missing Tools to SketchUp Pro

What is SketchPlus?
SketchPlus is an extension for SketchUp that adds more than 30 easy-to-use tools, many of which are commonly found in other 3D modeling applications such as selection filtering, selection memory, mirror, and align. Designed to work together in a simple and intuitive SketchUp-like user experience, these tools will seamlessly integrate into any existing workflow and you'll soon wonder how you ever used SketchUp without them!




Selection Undo / Redo, Filter Selection, Lasso and Polygon Lasso, Deep Select, Paint Select and Select All Instances. These tools will be familiar to anyone migrating to SketchUp from other 3D software.





Align, Nudge, Move to Origin, Drop+, Move to Z, Flatten to Ground. These are all tasks that are performed so often, in so many different workflows, these tools are an obvious perfect fit inside SketchPlus!





Component Finder, Mirror+, Change Axes+, Replace Component+, Explode+, Path Array, and more! SketchPlus gives you the tools to manage your component library and edit components with ease!





Draw a Sphere, Cone, or Torus without asking yourself, “How do I do that in SketchUp?” With SketchPlus, it only takes a few clicks to create these common shapes.





Paint faces across the boundaries of groups and components using the awesome Deep Paint Faces tool. Drill down through your model and remove materials en masse using the SketchPlus Unpaint tools.





Instantly remove tags using the Untag tools. You can recursively untag groups, components, faces, and edges with one easy click.



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