Thea Render for Rhino Commercial 1 Year Single Subscription (Floating)

Price Excludes VAT, 
Delivery charges apply for hardware goods only

Thea Render for Rhino Commercial  1 Year Single Subscription (Floating)



  • Thea for Rhino is the integration and does not contain any bundled standalone application.
  • Commercial licenses include unlimited Render Node Licenses at no cost.
  • Physical Media is not included.
  • Thea for Rhino v2 is compatible only with Rhino 6.

Student licenses: are available without charge via Altair University.

NEW FEATURES   v3.0.144.1945

  • Adaptive Tracing
  • Relight Editor
  • Support for Intel® Open Image Denoiser
  • Interacrive Denoising
  • Out-of-core Rendering
  • Render History
  • Resume Render


  • Unified Content Browser
  • Enhanced Region Render
  • Optimized and GPU-Accelerated Glare
  • Grasshopper® Interactive Updates
  • Console and Network log
  • Lock Camera Viewport
  • Assign Material by Parent for Blocks


System Requirements


Windows 8.1 / 10 64-bit, Intel SSE3 CPU (or compatible)

Presto GPU
Nvidia CUDA Graphics Card (Compute Capability 3.x / 5.x / 6.x / 7.x / 8.0 / 8.6 ) with latest graphics driver or

AMD Graphics Card (Hawaii, Tahiti, Pitcairn, Capeverde, Bonaire) with latest OpenCL and graphics drivers.
Note: for OpenCL rendering, render-on-the-fly displacement is supported only for UV bitmap textures.

Nvidia OptiX Denoiser
Nvidia 5.0 minimum compute capability required for Nvidia OptiX denoising in interactive rendering.
Nvidia 3.0 minimum compute capability card required for Nvidia OptiX denoising in production rendering.

Intel Open Image Denoiser
Intel SSE4.1 CPU (or compatible) required for Intel Open Image Denoiser.

Compatible with Rhino 6.33 and 7.3 and later.

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