Laubwerk Plants Kit 17

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The following 10 shrub and bush species are included in the Plant Kit 17. Each species comes in 36 variations per species, i.e. 3 variants, 3 ages and 4 seasonal aspects, for a total of 360 models per Kit.
Acacia sophorae
A tender, prostrate, sometimes decumbent evergreen shrub of moderate growth with a spreading crown. Narrowly elliptic, dark grey-green leaves along medium brown branches and young green shoots. It produces dense, elongated clusters of yellow flowerheads from winter into spring. Flowers are followed by cylindrical, yellow-green seed pods which dry brown and open in late spring and summer. Seeds are edible when cooked.
Alyogyne huegelii 'West Coast Gem'
Fast-growing medium sized evergreen shrub with a dense spreading crown and rounded habit. Light to medium brown bark and green palmate broadly 5-lobed leaves with slender petiole. Flowering with purple blossoms nearly all year round, mainly from early spring to late autumn. Responds well to pruning. Attracts bees and butterflies.
Correa alba
Small shrub of about 1,5 meters matured height. Evergreen, with a compact, rounded dense habit. Brown bark and oval-shaped, dark green leaves which are covered in short white hairs from the underside. White flowers in a star-shaped form appear mainly in autumn and early winter, occasionally in other seasons. Fruits are septicidal capsules. Leaves can be used as a tea substitute. A pink flowering form of unknown origin exists.
Grevillea 'Robyn Gordon'
Large shrub to small tree with a maximum height of 3 meters. Evergreen with a dense, compact or spreading habit. Medium brown bark and bright green, deeply slit leaves. Fragrant showy red brush type flowers appear all year long. Responds well to pruning, which keeps the plant dense and promotes flowering. Good feeding plant for insects like bees. Highly poisonous to humans, as contact with skin causes severe irritations.
Grevillea rosmarinifolia
A small to medium sized shrub which reaches heights of about 2 m. Densely branched, it forms an overall rounded habit with loose, arching twigs. Evergreen foliage of slender dark green needle-like leaves on dark brown colored branches. The red to pink colored flowers are produced in dense terminal clusters nearly all year round. The species name "rosmarinifolia" derives from the foliage similarity to common rosemary. Grevillea rosmarinifolia is a recipient of the Award of Garden Merit awarded by the Royal Horticultural Society.
Melaleuca diosmifolia
A small to medium sized shrub reaching heights of about 3 m. It has a dense rounded to spreading growth habit with moderate branching and evergreen medium green colored foliage covering light grey-brown stems. Attractive lime-green bottlebrush flowers appear in spring and summer, followed by grey seed pods in clusters along the branch. A popular plant of ornamental value with attractive features all year round.
Melaleuca quadrifida
A small to medium sized shrub that grows to about 1,5 to 2,5 meters tall and a similar width. Upright, compact or spreading, heavily-branched appearance. Evergreen, grey-green or green needle-like leaves, which are usually hairy giving the foliage a soft appearance. Showy red flowers clustered in one-sided spikes appear through all of spring and well into summer. The fruits remain on the plant throughout its life and can contain seeds in its wooden capsules for many years. Responds well to pruning.
Murraya paniculata
A small, tropical to sub-tropical tree or shrub that may grow to as much as 7 m tall, but is usually found much shorter at 3 m. Typically multi-trunked, it can be pruned to grow single-stemmed. It is noted for its glossy evergreen dark green leaves, strongly fragrant white flowers and red ornamental fruits. Each odd-pinnate leaf typically has 3 to 9, ovate, glossy, dark green leaflets. Fragrant white flowers in terminal or axillary cymes bloom several times throughout the year. Flowers are most fragrant at night. Flowers are followed by ovoid, red fruits, each with 1-2 seeds. Plants may display flowers and fruits at the same time. Flowers have the scent of orange blossoms, hence the common names of orange jessamine and mock orange that are sometimes applied.
Prostanthera rotundifolia 'Rosea'
A bushy evergreen shrub to 2m or more, with small, ovate, strongly mint-scented leaves and profusely-borne 2-lipped, pale rose pink flowers with a darker eye, through a long flowering season in late spring and early summer. The common name 'mintbush' is a reference to its aromatic leaves.
Senna artemisioides
A small to medium sized shrub with moderate growth and a loosely rounded habit. Its evergreen foliage is variable in size with pinnate leaves divided into short, linear, downy, grey-green leaflets. Clusters of fragrant yellow flowers are produced from late winter through late spring. Flowers are followed by flat green leguminous fruitpods which turn brown when dry. The silver senna was awarded the Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit.
All Laubwerk Plants in this Kit come in 36 variations per species, i.e. 3 variants, 3 ages and 4 seasons.
Spring: 10 out of 360 subtropical shrub models of Laubwerk Plant Kit 17.
Winter: 10 out of 360 subtropical shrub models of Laubwerk Plant Kit 17.
Detail of Native Hibiscus 'West Coast Gem' (Alyogyne huegelii 'West Coast Gem')
Detail of Round-leaf Mintbush 'Rosea' (Prostanthera rotundifolia 'Rosea')
Acer negundo Max 2013 Nitrous ViewportThe Laubwerk Player is a plugin for Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya, Maxon Cinema 4D, or SketchUp that comes bundled with every Laubwerk Plant Kit. It loads the models and allows for easy selection and manipulation of the models, e.g.  choose between variations, ages and seasons and allows fine grained control about Level of Detail. See the Laubwerk Player page for a more detailed description.
Autodesk 3ds Max (2015-2024), Autodesk Maya (2018-2024, Win & Mac, Linux on request), MAXON Cinema 4D (R16-26, 2023, Mac & Win), Trimble SketchUp (2014-2023, Mac & Win) with V-Ray for SketchUp or Thea Render for SketchUp, and Vectorworks 2023.
Additionally, Python for customers to build their own importers into applications compatible with Python for Windows 2.7, 3.3- 3.4, MacOS X 3.5-3.8, Linux 3.4-3.8.
A computer that is capable of running your version(s) of 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, or SketchUp.
10MB of hard disk space and additional space for the Laubwerk Plants models.
Our aim is to make the installation process as easy as possible for you. If you like to get more information, we have compiled these Laubwerk Plant Kits installation instructions, including advanced topics such as considerations when working in a network.
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