Modelur Project Licence Parametric urban design software tool - Individual Monthly

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MODELUR for Urban Design - Project Licence (Individual Monthly Standalone)

Modelur is a parametric Urban Design tool seamlessly integrated into SketchUp. It helps you quickly create and test different urban design alternatives. In addition to real-time calculation of key urban parameters (eg. FAR, number of apartments, required parking spaces, etc.) it also offers interactive 3D zoning, including warnings when the design is not in line with zoning regulations (eg. buildings are too high or if they are placed too close together, etc.).





You can request a free 21-day trial here.


  • Boost your productivity (work ~3 times faster, ~5 times more accurately)

  • Work directly inside zoning rules

  • Quickly assess design alternatives

  • Make well-informed decisions

  • Focus on design, not numbers


  • Seamlessly integrated into SketchUp (making it as simple and intuitive to use)

  • Interactive 3D zoning

  • Parametric buildings (simple and mixed-use)

  • Parametric land uses

  • Real-time calculation of key urban parameters (eg. FAR, site coverage, num. of apartments, required parking spaces, etc.)

  • Export of key urban parameters to CSV (which can be imported in any spreadseet software, eg. Excel)

  • Warnings when certain zoning constraints are not satisfied (eg. FAR is exceeded or buildings are too close together, etc.)

  • Available in several languages.

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