Kubity PRO Annual Commercial Pass


Kubity PRO Annual Commercial Pass

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Kubity PRO - Annual Commercial Pass
Take SketchUp and Revit projects from the desktop to any device. Works with mobile apps Kubity Go, AR, VR Mirror, Google Cardboard 2.0, Homido & Merge VR.
  • Kubity PRO is the plug-in that enables you to export your Skp/rvt models to any mobile device.
  • Kubity GO is our mobile (ON THE GO) application where you can access your models and visualize them in AR, VR and do screen mirroring.
For Fully Immersive Desktop VR..

For Oculus Go & Samsung Gear VR
there is a special version of a mobile app called “Kubity VR+” available through the Oculus Store.

For HTC Vive and Oculus Rift: buy rvt2VR and skp2VR; dedicated plugins for Revit and SketchUp for immersive desktop VR

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