3skeng AR App (Only PC & HoloLens)


3skeng AR App (Only PC & HoloLens)

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3skeng Tools - 3skeng AR App (Only PC & Hololens)



  • What makes 3skeng AR such a powerful solution for augmented reality applications?

     The 3skeng AR app (on the HoloLens) requires no gestures during standard use!
          The use is therefore intuitive and user-friendly to an extremely high degree.

     3skeng AR can work offline! WiFi and cloud-access is not required!

     3skeng AR allows multiple HoloLens users to look at and discuss the same model!

     3skeng AR allows location reference of your SketchUp model with reality!

     3skeng AR allows walkthroughs through complex, huge and heavy models!
         This is achieved by breaking up big models into smaller ones that the HoloLens can handle.

     3skeng AR allows the use of 1:1 (real size) and table-top (scaled) models!

    "3skeng AR" requires both the app for your Microsoft HoloLens (3skeng AR App) and the extension for SketchUp. The paid license for the 3skeng AR app (for Microsoft HoloLens) includes the license for the 3skeng AR extension for SketchUp.

    By the way, what is Augmented Reality and how can it help me?
    Augmented reality can be described as an overlay / mix of the reality you see with computer-generated (in our case: visual) information.
    The use of AR within your projects allows you, your customers and other involved people to watch, explain and discuss your designs in (augmented) reality! 
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