Corona Renderer - Premium Annual Subscription

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Chaos Corona -  Premium Annual Subscription




Comes with..

  • Floating license on any computer
  • Includes all Corona integrations
  • Includes support
  • Chaos Cosmos content library
  • Chaos Phoenix
  • Chaos Player
  • Chaos Scans 



System Requirments

Corona is entirely CPU-based (with optional CPU / GPU AI denoising which requires a compatible GPU)
Offers unbiased and biased rendering
The two commercially available plugins work with 3ds Max and Cinema 4D

Hardware Requirements
Corona requires a CPU that supports the SSE 4.1 instruction set.
Only very old CPUs don't support it: Here is a list of compatible CPUs.

To use our optional Preview Denoisers during interactive rendering, you need:
For the NVIDIA GPU AI denoiser: an NVIDIA GPU with Maxwell or newer architecture and the newest GPU driver. Not all mobile GPUs are supported.

For the Intel CPU / GPU AI denoiser: an NVIDIA GPU with Volta, Turing, Ampere, Ada Lovelace, Hopper, or newer architecture or an AMD GPU with RDNA2 (Navi 21 only), RDNA3 (Navi 3x), or newer architecture.
Note: these denoisers are optional, and Corona works fine even if they are not installed. We also offer a High Quality denoiser, which utilizes purely the CPU, and this denoiser can be used on any computer which can run Corona.

There are no other hardware requirements.

3dsMax version
Autodesk 3ds Max version 2016 or newer
64-bit Microsoft Windows 10 or newer
Installation requires administrator privileges
Distributed rendering also requires Autodesk Backburner, available for free from Autodesk

Cinema 4D version
MAXON Cinema 4D R17 or newer
64-bit Microsoft Windows 10 or newer, or macOS 10.14 or newer
Installation requires administrator privileges

AI Denoisers
To ensure smooth operation and best performance for Interactive Denoisers (NVIDIA OptiX and Intel OIDN), please make sure you are using the newest driver available for your graphics card. The drivers can be downloaded from and

What hardware do you recommend?
Corona is a CPU-only renderer, so the more powerful CPU you use, the faster renders you get. You can compare the performance of various CPU models here:

Another well-known website with various CPU benchmarks is

The above benchmark results are proportional to the rendering performance in Corona, so you can define your budget and pick a CPU with the highest score within that budget.   

You will also need a decent graphics card, however, it's only needed for good viewport performance in your host software (3ds Max or Cinema 4D). Rendering in Corona is purely CPU-based.

You will also need as much RAM as possible. Nowadays, 32 GB is the bare minimum and 64 is the standard. If you can get even more, you will be able to render even more complex scenes without running into any issues.

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